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Source: Various Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCCC

A give this 5/5 for audio quality but beware that early versions are less than perfect but superb for their age, given the technology of the time.


Track Listing


Space Oddity - Ivor Novello Awards, Talk Of The Town, London, UK on 10 May 1970 1

That's A Promise - 1966 demo

Silly Boy Blue - written in 1966, re-recorded in 1967 for his first LP for DERAM in 1967

Love You Till Tuesday - 1966 Guitar/vocal demo which became a small hit.  Recorded in German for the ZDF Hitparade

Over The Wall We Go

When I Live My Dream - different version outtake from the 1967 DERAM sessions

I'm Waiting For My Man - arguably the very first VU cover.  Outtake from the 1967 DERAM sessions

Little Toy Solider - a dirty little ditty no doubt inspired by VU.  Outtake from the 1967 DERAM sessions

When I'm Five - recorded for the BBC in 1968

London Bye Ta-Ta - an outtake for the proposed second DERAM album

Threepenny Pierrot - 1968 demo sung to the melody of London Bye Ta-Ta.  From the mini-opera inspired by Burt Brect/Kurt Weill and Pantomime

Columbine - 1968 demo from the mini-opera inspired by Burt Brect/Kurt Weill and Pantomime

The Mirror - 1968 demo from the mini-opera inspired by Burt Brect/Kurt Weill and Pantomime

Love Song - the sleeve notes claim this is from 1968.  I believe it is an early recording of David Bowie and the Feathers performing demos for Space Oddity in David's bedroom at Clairville Grove, Beckenham Arts Lab on 2 February 1969

Right On, Mother - 1970 demo

The Supermen - early rehearsal

He Was Alright - often referred to as A Song For Marc, which developed into Lady Stardust

Tired Of My Life - 1970 demo.  You may recognise It's No Game

How Lucky You Are - not Tired Of My Life as claimed on the sleeve notes.  An outtake from Hunky Dory sessions in 1971.  You may recognise It's No Game.  Apparently also referred to as Little Miss Peculiar

Rupert The Riley - given to Arnold Corns

All The Young Dudes - written by David in 1972.  Given to Mott The Hoople

Dodo - duet with Lulu from the Diamond Dog sessions in 1973

Footstompin' - Dick Cavett Show, NBC, New York, NYC, USA on 4 December 1974

Somebody Up There Likes Me - Alternative Version

Under Pressure - the collaboration with Queen from 1981



1 David was awarded an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Song 'Space Oddity', which he performed that night accompanied by the Les Reed Orchestra.   The event was transmitted live via satellite to over 60 closed-circuit outlets in America, including New York's Carnegie Hall. It was also seen in France, Spain, Australia, Holland and Venezuela, but not Britain, where it was broadcast live on Radio 1 and 2, London, UK at 10pm-11.30pm.