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A Semi-Acoustic Love Affair

Various broadcast and studio recordings




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Source: Broadcast/Studio Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Amsterdam 1

God Knows I'm Good 1

Buzz The Fuzz 1

Karma Man 1

London Bye Ta Ta 1

An Occasional Dream 1

Janine 1

Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud 1

The Width Of A Circle 1

Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed 1

Fill Your Heart 1

The Prettiest Star 1

Cygnet Committee 1

Looking For A Friend 4

How Lucky You Are 4

The Shadowman 4

Lightning Frightening 4

Rupert The Riley 4

Tired Of My Life 4

Don't Sit Down/Andy Warhol/Oh! You Pretty Things 3

This Boy 2


The Sunday Show, Paris Cinema Studio, London, UK on 5 February 1970 1

Friar Square, Aylesbury, UK 2

Fake 3

Studio Demo/Remix 4