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A Right Simone And Charly Outfit

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia on 23 February 2004



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCCCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro Looking For Water
Rebel Rebel Quicksand
New Killer Star Days
Fame White Light White Heat
Cactus Ashes To Ashes
Reality I'm Afraid Of Americans
Try Some, Buy Some "Heroes"
All The Young Dudes
China Girl Encore:
The Loneliest Guy Heathen (The Rays)
The Man Who Sold The World Five Years
Hallo Spaceboy Hang On To Yourself
Sunday Ziggy Stardust
Band Intro
Under Pressure Bonus Track - Spooky Ghost 1
Life on Mars?


Spooky Ghost - Annandale Hotel on 19 February 2004 1




The "Suavecito Zoot Suit" has the old school zoot suit look
from the height of the zoot suit era in the early and mid 1940s.

With great expectations I change all my clothes...

David Bowie has just finished what sounds like another special Australian show at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The big surprise of the evening was David's decision to wear a different outfit to the usual stage clobber... I asked him, moments after the show, what he wore and what was behind the decision to change:

I wore a light gray 'zoot suit' that I bought from the most important zoot shop in US. I wore a tight white 'T' and my Chucks with it. No reason for the change, just felt like it. Slick bought one in black.

The shop is in Denver and Mexicans and Latinos order their stuff from there from all over the States. They are very hardcore and are now breaking into their first line of hip-hop stuff totally Latino-centric. Love em!!.

Thanks for that David. BowieNetters can visit suavecito.com, the shop where David and Slick bought their suits, by clicking on the hat in the picture above.

As for the music, (Happy now, Keiths?) David performed Quicksand again, let's hope it stays in the set for his return to Europe and the USA. He also played the very beautiful Try Some Buy Some for the first time in a long time.


Trilby and Gardening Trousers by Charly

I was on the front row tonight so with camera in hand I was prepared for a good night. The first thing that hit me when David walked on stage tonight was his clothes. A completely different set, a very baggy grey suit comprising trousers and long jacket. A white t-shirt with a green neck tie and the usual grey pumps. Topping this off was a grey trilby. I almost thought I was at a Serious Moonlight gig!

The show started off as normal with Rebel and New Killer Star. After singing Fame and receiving rapturous applause, David said "well that's nice, thank you. This is a great Oz trip, we're having a ball". Cactus and Reality brought the audience to life before Bowie announced "that was called Reality, believe it or not" and then slowing the tempo slightly with Try Some Buy Some. "Confession, that's the first time we've done that on this tour"

All The Young Dudes got everyone swaying from side to side. Bowie again seemed impressed with the audiences' talent "that was pretty good... makes me feel quite unnecessary..... you know, you're up here singing and the audience do it better than you. We'll do one more though, before we go". China Girl was the one more. David by this time had taken his trilby off and asked the audience "does my hair look alright without the trilby? I lost my jeans, that's why I'm wearing these gardening trousers. I can get shears in the pocket and a hoe down this side...." Ha ha, they must be the most expensive looking and best gardening trousers I've ever seen!

After the next few songs Bowie introduced the band with "so exactly who are we you ask. I haven't the foggiest, they just turned up with me tonight". Under Pressure was excellent as was Life On Mars which followed. "The gardening trousers, it just occurred to me look quite like zoot suit trousers!" Hmmm, perhaps David.

After Ashes to Ashes David gave a little chant of "fly away Sterling, fly away Mike, that could have gone on all night - as far as I'm concerned" That ended the night. What a great one. 25 songs and a great costume. Roll on Melbourne.

Thanx yet again Charly, and thanx for making the extra special effort of taking over an internet cafe before you got kicked out at midnight, just to supply us with the set list and your report! Thanx, as usual to Nick too for official confirmation of the set list... Not that Charly ever gets it wrong, of course.

David now has a couple of days away from the stage until A Reality Tour continues with two nights at the Rod Laver Arena on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th.