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Aylesbury Friars Club 1971

Friars Club, Aylesbury, UK on 25 September 1971





Covers Available


Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCC Art Work: CCCCC

Rattle Snake RS 193.  This is the third issue of the Aylesbury concert (Close To The Golden Dawn 2003 and The Spiders From Aylesbury 2003) but this time the sound quality is a bit clearer. It has a slightly longer intro as well: If we all move up just a little bit "you know" get closer. Comes with a booklet, which has some nice pictures inside from 1971.


Track Listing


Fill Your Heart

Buzz The Fuzz

Space Oddity


The Supermen

Oh! You Pretty Things

Eight Line Poem


Song For Bob Dylan

Andy Warhol

Queen Bitch

Looking For A Friend

Round And Round

Waiting For The Man