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40 Years To Reality

PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NY, NYC, USA on 5 June 2004



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Source: Audience Sound Quality: CCCCC Art Work: CCC


Track Listing


Disc 1 Disc 2
Intro Ashes To Ashes
Rebel Rebel Liza Jane
Cactus Station To Station
Sister Midnight I'm Afraid Of Americans
New Killer Star "Heroes"
Panic In Detroit
Never Get Old Encore:
Fame Slip Away
All The Young Dudes The Supermen
China Girl White Light White Heat
The Loneliest Guy Reality
The Man Who Sold The World Hang On To Yourself
Heathen (The Rays) Diamond Dogs
Hallo Spaceboy Suffragette City
Under Pressure Ziggy Stardust


Excerpt from BowieNet:

The last show of this US leg of David Bowie's A Reality Tour took place at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, last night. If there has been a lesson to be learned from these last few shows, it's been if you don't ask...etc.

Last night was no exception. I e-mailed David on the morning of the show to congratulate him on the 40th anniversary thing and I attached an mp3 of Liza Jane with a short note along the lines of: "Liza Jane attached just in case you want to relearn it for tonight!" Half of me was thinking not a snowball's chance, while the other was secretly hoping it would happen.

As I'm sure most of you know, David and the band performed the first verse and chorus in celebration of that auspicious event forty years ago. Thanx David, only wish I had been there to witness it!

It was another memorable show for many other reasons too. Apart from it being the last US show, BowieNetter Luis managed to get a sailor hat up on stage which David wore while performing a salute. (See pictures below) But one of the more surprising moments was when David stopped TMWSTW half way through to berate a security guy. More on that shortly.

David seemed a happy, happy man tonight, really gave it everything, to the point of jumping at the mic stand for yelps during Diamond Dogs, much to Mike Garson's amusement.

David was constantly scanning the crowd, slapping hands, grinning widely, and at one point actually stopped the show, right in the middle of The Man Who Sold The World, to complain to security hassling fans up front, telling them to back off. The entire venue was on it's feet roaring approval all night long. What a spectacular closure for so many special shows.

Lots of bowienet love, including a fabulous six foot banner (see pic below) made by Mandn that about fifty b'netters signed a message on, David grinned and nodded both times it was displayed. Luis handed up a special sailor cap with "B'net" and his name on it, and David promptly saluted and put it on...

And this from caroline:

This was truly one of the best ways to finish seeing a Bowie tour! After *that* security guard got Bowie's attention, the arena (audience) electrified and I could tell most everybody there thoroughly had a rockin' time. Bowie was at his best and made sure he went out of his way to put on a memorable and entertaining show. He was laughing, joking with the band and the audience and just looked like he was having the time of his life up there on the stage.


As nancyh says, BowieNetter mandn was at the show... so here's another bit from her too:

Last night was great! An even bigger gathering of BNetters and I met some of the Canadians too. They are wonderful! We had a nice picnic/tailgate party outside the venue. Loads of hugs and tears and pictures and stories. A really nice party!

The show was great! Again the band was in a fine mood, really happy and upbeat. Gail was dancing all over the place. She's so great. David was really in top form and having a great time. The big surprise of the night (if you didn't hear the soundcheck) was a bit of Liza Jane. "A little song I wrote when I was still Davie Jones, and it's dreadful, but here you go..." so they did the first bit then stopped, with David saying: "Thank goodness I won't have to do that one again for another forty years!" Fantastic! What a treat.

Again no other real surprises, but David did yell at a security guard who was extremely disruptive down front and giving the BNEtters a hard time for being in the aisles. Go David!! He told the guy "There's only one show going on here tonight, do you mind stopping that." and then went on to request a new guard as this guy was "too aggressive". Yeah baby!!

Oh, the bunny (Isabelle) was in attendance! She was shocked when the Spree actually pulled her up on stage to accompany them on a song. They put her in with the choral group and gave her a tambourine and everything! LOL!! I don't think I've ever seen a more scarred bunny in my life!

David announced they wouldn't be stopping for the curfew that night either. Fantastic! I just can't remember everything. It was so emotional being the last show and there were plenty of tears from us as well as enthusiasm. We made David a banner that said "Bon Voyage Sailor" and all the BNetters in attendance signed it for Him. He blew us a BIG kiss after reading it!

A flawless evening is all I can say. David has a way of making you think you are in a little hall no matter what the size of the venue. He just makes it seem so personal and intimate every time. A great way to end the US dates. We will miss Him and are so thankful for the memories of the last year!