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NBC Midnight Special VCD

1980 Floor Show recorded for the NBC Midnight Special TV Show at the Marquee Club, London, UK on 18 Oct 1973



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Source: Broadcast Sound Quality: CCCC

Video Quality: CCC

Art Work: CCCC


Track Listing


1984/Dodo - David Bowie

Commercial Break

Sorrow - David Bowie

Commercial Break

Burlerias - Carmen

Everything's Alright - David Bowie

Station Break

I Can't Explain - David Bowie

As Tears Go By - Marianne Faithfull

Commercial Break

Time - David Bowie

Wild Thing - The Troggs

Commercial Break

Shouts of Olé - Carmen

The Jean Genie - David Bowie

Station Break

20th Century Blues - Marianne Faithfull

I Can't Control Myself - The Troggs

Commercial Break

Strange Movie - The Troggs

Commercial Break

I Got You Babe - David Bowie & Marianne Faithfull

Commercial Break

1984/Dodo - David Bowie (End credits)