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Date Venue Title Media Cover Art
1 January 1975 Top Of The Pops, BBC Studios, London, UK From The Vaults Of Mainman 1 CD
1 March 1975 Grammy Awards, Uris Theatre, New York, NYC, USA Sweetly Reminiscent DVD 1 DVD
The Year Of The Diamond Dogs DVD 1 DVD
8 September 1975 Peter Sellers' House, Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA David joins Bill Wyman, Keith Moon and Ron Wood for a couple of songs at Peter Sellers' Birthday Party.

Full line-up David Bowie (saxophone), Bill Wyman (bass), Ron Wood (guitar), Joe Cocker (vocals), Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Danny Kortchmar (guitar), Bobby Keyes (saxophone) Nigel Olsson (drums), Keith Moon (organ, vocal, drums).

4 November 1975 ABC, USTV BoB's Eggs 1 VCD
23 November 1975 Cher Show, CBS, US, USA The Other Bowie 1 LP