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The vast majority of David Bowie's 1970-1971 performances were played with The Hype, who consisted of: David Bowie (vocals, guitar, electric piano), Mick Ronson (lead guitar), Tony Visconti (bass guitar) and John Cambridge (drums). Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey would eventually replace John Cambridge on drums on 30th March 1970.


Date Venue Title Media Cover Art

8th Jan: David performs a late night spot on his 23rd birthday. The Speakeasy performance had Tony Visconti (bass guitar), Tim Renwick (guitar) and John Cambridge (drums) as David's backing. The set included songs from his current album and also 'Port Of Amsterdam', 'Buzz The Fuzz', 'Fill Your Heart' plus a few Mason Williams poems.

14th Jan: The Old Downham Folk Club merged with the South East London Tech Folk Club to form this new venue. David made a guest appearance alongside The Gasworks, Ralph McTell and Marc Ellington.

18th Jan: David's interest in the Arts Lab around this time was beginning to wane. Some of his performances do exist on tape. Chas Lippeatt, who handled the Arts Lab PA system and film unit used to tape record the evenings music for a free lending library sponsored by the Lab.


8 January 1970

The Speakeasy, London, UK

14 January 1970

Old Tiger's Head, Lewisham, London, UK

18 January 1970

The Three Tuns Public House, Beckenham, UK

The Arts Lab

30 January 1970

Johnston Hall University of Aberbeen, UK

Solo Performance

3rd Feb: The Marquee Club performance had Tony Visconti (bass guitar), John Cambridge (drums) and Tim Renwick (guitar) as David's backing band. Support band Juniors Eyes, who Renwick and Cambridge were part of, make their final appearance before splitting up. Special guests that evening were Time Box.

5th Feb: Mick Ronson's debut performance with David. Along with Tony Visconti and John Cambridge, they record four songs for John Peel's radio show 'Sunday Show' Concert, which was broadcast on the 8th, except the final number 'Memory Of A Free Festival'.

22nd Feb: The Roundhouse Spring Festival opened on the Sunday with David Bowie on the bill, along with Bachdenkal, Groundhog and Caravan.  In reality this was the first live performance of David's new band The Hype.  This performance was filmed and recorded.

23rd Feb: The Hype play one gig in Streatham under the pseudonym of 'Harry The Butcher'.

28th Feb: The Hype are billed as 'David Bowie's New Electric Band' at the Basildon Arts Lab experimental music club in Basildon Arts Centre in Essex.  Also on the bill were High Tide, Overson and Iron Maiden.  The Strawbs were due to perform but were replaced with the first live appearance of David Bowie's New Electric Band - so new they haven't got a name yet.


? February 1970

Thomas A Becket Public House, London, UK


3 February 1970

Marquee Club, London, UK

Flyer N/A x

5 February 1970

Paris Cinema Studio, London, UK

A Semi-Acoustic Love Affair 1 CD
BBC 70 Plus 1 CD
The Day And The Moon 1 CD
Paris Bye Ta-Ta 1 CD
Radio Hype 1 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust 4 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust (Shout) 4 CD

22 February 1970

Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, UK

The Hype N/A x

23 February 1970

Streatham Arms, London, UK

Harry The Butcher

28 February 1970

Basildon Arts Theatre, Basildon, UK

The Hype N/A x

1 March 1970

Three Tuns Public House, Beckenham, UK

Arts Lab (The Hype)

3 March 1970

The White Bear (Arts Lab), Hounslow, UK

5 March 1970

Three Tuns Public House, Beckenham, UK

Arts Lab (Solo)

6 March 1970

Hull University, Hull, UK

The Hype

7 March 1970

Regent Street Polytechnic, London, UK

The Hype N/A x

11 March 1970

Roundhouse (Atomic Sunrise Fest), Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, UK

The Hype N/A x

12 March 1970

Royal Albert Hall (MENCAP), London, UK

MENCAP - Solo Performance

13 March 1970

Fillmore North, Locarno Ballroom, Sunderland

14 March 1970

University Of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Solo Performance

19 March 1970

Three Tuns Public House, Beckenham, UK

The Arts Lab - Solo Performance

25 March 1970

Playhouse Theatre, London, UK

ChangesThreeAndAHalf 1 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust 4 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust (Shout) 4 CD

30 March 1970

Star Hotel, Broad Green, West Croydon, UK

The Hype N/A x

2 April 1970

Penthouse, Scarborough, UK

Show Cancelled

4 April 1970

Poco-A-Poco Club, Stockport, UK

Show Cancelled

12 April 1970

Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate, UK

2 Shows

27th April: Stockport Schools Union show organised by Stockport Grammar School featuring David Bowie and The Hype, Barclay James Harvest, High Tide and Purple Gang.


27 April 1970

Poco-A-Poco Club, Stockport, UK

School Union Show

10th May: David was awarded an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Song 'Space Oddity', which he performed that night accompanied by the Les Reed Orchestra. The event was transmitted live via satellite to over 60 closed-circuit outlets in America, including New York's Carnegie Hall. It was also seen in France, Spain, Australia, Holland and Venezuela, but not Britain, where it was broadcast live on Radio 1 and 2 at 10pm-11.30pm.


10 May 1970

Ivor Novello Awards, Talk Of The Town, London, UK

Anthology 1 CD
Diamonds In Space 1 CD
I Keep A Good Friend...On Video Tape Vol 2 1 VCD
TracksTwoBowie 1 CD

21 May 1970

Penthouse, Scarborough, UK

16 June 1970

Jesus College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

May Ball

4 July 1970

Queens Mead Recreation Grounds, Shortlands, Bromley, UK

Free Concert

5 July 1970

Roundhouse (Implosion), Chalk Farm Road, Cambden, London, UK

Flyer N/A x

17 July 1970

Fickle-Pickle Club (The Cricketers Inn), Southend, UK

1 August 1970

Eastwoodbury Lane, Southend-On-Sea, UK

Shelter Charity Show

? August 1970

Acton, London