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During the Spring of 1967, David played over twenty gigs throughout the United Kingdom with a group named The Riot Squad. The band which consisted of six members included David Bowie (lead vocalist, guitar, tenor saxophone), Rod Davies (guitar), Croke Prebble (bass), Bob Evans (saxophone, flute), George Butcher (keyboards) and Derek Roll (drums).


The band were originally assembled by producer Larry Page in 1964, whose line-up included future luminary Mitch Mitchell on drums. The sextet, assembled from the ranks of the best players from a brace of lesser known acts, was a hard-playing rhythm n' blues based band that went through several line-ups, leaving behind fourteen songs and half as many singles. The original members included lead guitarist Ron Ryan and Mark Stevens on organ, with Mitch Mitchell playing percussion. As they were put together under an outsider's guidance, however, the band was never an entirely natural fit for its members. It is, thus, no surprise to learn that lead singer Graham Bonnet left for a solo career, and lead guitarist Ron Ryan and bassist Mike Martin followed him out, while Mitchell jumped ship to Georgie Fame's Blue Flames in 1966, before hooking up with Jimi Hendrix. The band carried on, even after Larry Page dumped them, instead hooking up with the even more talented and unstable producer personality of Joe Meek. Jon Lord played on some single that the second Riot Squad line-up cut for Pye in 1967, while on his way to bigger things. Bonnet subsequently had a hit with 'Supergirl' and also worked with Michael Schenker on Chrysalis, recorded on Ring 'O Records, and sang with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow.


13th March: At The Swan in Tottenham, the band rehearse with David on vocals, performing 'Little Toy Soldier, 'Silly Boy Blue' and 'Silver Tree Top School For Boys'. The band were known for their flamboyant use of face paint and theatrical stage show.


Date Venue Title Media Cover Art

David Bowie in a predominantly silent movie with Michael Byrne

The Image 1 SVCD

Recorded from a 1967 acetate made for German TV

TV Rebell 1 CD
13 March 1967

The Swan, Tottenham, London, UK

Riot Squad Rehearsals

Waltham Forest, London, UK

Riot Squad
13 April 1967

Tiles Club, London, UK

Riot Squad
14 April 1967

Marquee Club, London, UK

Solo performance

19th Nov: A benefit 'Stage Ball' in aid of the Guild and British Heart Foundation. David performs a ten minute spot accompanied by The Bill Saville Orchestra.


19 November 1967

Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London, UK

The Stage Ball

18 December 1967

Top Gear, Piccadilly Studios, London, UK Emerged From Shadows 1 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust 4 CD
Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust (Shout) 4 CD

Pierrot In Turquoise featuring Lindsay Kemp as 'Pierrot', Jack Birkett as 'Harlequin', David Bowie as 'Cloud', Annie Stainer as 'Columbine' and Michael Garrett was the piano player. David performs five songs: 'When I Live My Dream', 'Sell Me A Coat', 'Threepenny Pierrot', 'Columbine' and 'The Mirror'. Devised and directed by Lindsay Kemp.  Assisted by Craig San Roque.   Decor and costumes by Natasha Kornilof.  Fabrics kindly donated by Sir Nicholas Seekers.  Musical arrangements and original compositions by Gordon Rose.   Songs composed by David Bowie.  Stage director  Craig San Roque.


28 December 1967

Oxford New Theatre, Oxford, UK

Pierrot In Turquoise